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Meet Chris | Leadership & Careeer Coach

I’m an executive coach. I help leaders live and work with authenticity, purpose, and impact.

I spent nearly two decades counseling senior executives, overseeing global storytelling initiatives, and building teams at Apple, Google, and the Los Angeles Times.

I didn’t take a break for almost 20 years.

My well of ideas dried up. I constantly felt I was failing. My body was wracked with pain as it tried to tell me I was on the wrong path. I ignored it all, until I couldn’t anymore. So, in late 2017, I quit the job I’d loved at Apple. I leaped off the corporate treadmill.

I did a mid-career reboot.

I reconnected with my beautiful family; meditated; read hundreds of books; got back into shape; took naps and creative writing classes; and volunteered at my local food bank and underserved school. This, I learned, is what truly matters to me: family, community, health, creativity, human connection, and lifelong learning. An executive coach I’d worked with at Apple expertly guided me through this journey of reinvention, and she helped me discover something important:

My purpose is to help others discover and unleash the best versions of themselves, too.

Now I’m a Co-Active Coach and member of the International Coach Federation. I’m nearing completion of my Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) credential with the prestigious Co-Active Training Institute. I hold a Master’s in Journalism from UC Berkeley and a Bachelor’s of Arts from Wesleyan University.

I also work as a consultant with X, Google’s moonshot subsidiary, helping leaders of its early-stage projects articulate and communicate their vision.

I’ve lived in Oakland, California, for 20 years but still root hard for my hometown Boston Red Sox. When I’m not coaching clients, you can usually find me swimming, reading a book with our shih tzu at my feet, kicking a soccer ball with my son, or tutoring at an underserved elementary school. I proudly serve on two nonprofit boards which promote equal access to food and literacy: the Alameda County Community Food Bank and the Friends of the Rockridge Library.

I’d love to help you move forward in your life and pursue your dreams.


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