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Live with authenticity, purpose, and impact.


Let’s work together to create the life you’re craving. A sustainable one, filled with meaning and possibility.


Personal Coaching

If you’re feeling burned out or stuck in your career, health, personal growth, or other parts of your life, I’d love to support and guide you forward as your coach. We’ll create a brave space for you to explore, discover what really matters to you, set your intention, and take action. It’s time to tap into the best of yourself and live a vibrant life.

Executive Coaching

I can help you lead with authenticity, whether you’re managing an organization, team, or project. I’ve overseen global storytelling campaigns and advised senior executives at Apple and Google. Leaders who work with me drive positive change by showing up more fully, listening more deeply, and telling clear, compelling stories.


I develop and lead workshops that help teams improve their vision, their creativity, and their communication. I tailor the work to each organization’s needs. That might mean helping your project team find and articulate their purpose, or training your senior leadership on ways to keep their talent fresh, fulfilled, and productive.



Our coaching relationship

Whether you’re longing for a mid-career reboot or to lead your organization with more impact, I’d love to help. I offer something rare: a deep focus on you, with no agenda other than your success. I’ll help you identify and articulate your core values. Try on different perspectives when you get stuck. Move past your fear and doubt. And strengthen your inner voice of wisdom, intuition, and confidence. We’ll develop strategies to deepen your learning and take you where you want to go.

I combine rigorous training in Co-Active Coaching with two decades in sustainability leadership, high-tech communications, and journalism. With curiosity, gentle honesty, and a calming presence, I’ll call out the best in you, support you, and hold you accountable. Working with me, you can:

  • connect with your purpose, so you can prioritize what matters most to you

  • tap into your inner wisdom and courage, so you can take bigger leaps toward your ambitions and new adventures

  • identify what brings you most alive, so you can show up fully in all you do and inspire others

  • build your resilience and personal sustainability, so you can manage your energy and keep doing what you love